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Welcome Back!

Life takes interesting turns.

One moment, you think you are ready for something awesome in your life, and then something that seems awesome shows up and whacks you in the head. Then, just as you're getting ready to deal with a lifetime of consequences because you're willing to weather the thing that turned out to be not-so-awesome, just because you said you would, the REAL awesome shows up and everything (I mean EVERYTHING) falls into place through a serendipitous process of self-elimination. And then, one moves to England. 

Wait, what?!

That's right, dear reader. Welcome to the new Wandering Dragon, reaching you through the ætherwaves of the post-modern, post-factual junkyard that is the Internet, from the land of faeries and kidney pies, pubs and ales and fish & chips, blustering weather and tumultuous door-to-door politics. Welcome to England, she said. 

Other than the obvious, nothing much has changed. I'm still on a life-long quest to expand and deepen The Work. I'm still all about the sybaritic pursuits of great food and awesome beer, single-malt whisky and tabletop role-playing games. I'm still all over the place, figuratively as well as geographically. I'm still trying to figure out life and relationships, and I'm still trying to find a voice thru this rambling blog. Or project my voice into the virtual void. Something like that. Anyway.

If you've been here before, expect change but not momentous. I'm still trying to focus here. If you're new (and I'm really curious how the heck you found this blog, amidst a veritable ocean of better and more visible options), welcome, and don't expect consistency except as it arises from circuitous, seasonal repetition of topics and rants. I have a newfound love of craft beer, a reacquainting with my oldest and most beloved hobby in the company of a completely new batch of victims, er... I mean players, friends: and a breakthrough, or rather, a series of breakthroughs in the sphere of The Work to tell you about. 

I feel like life has taken the most interesting of turn for me to date. So here we go.